View Master Reels – new generation

Are View Master reels the past? View Master VR is The Present, for sure

In February 2015, toy maker Mattel announced a collaboration with Google. Together they produce a new iteration of View-Master based on virtual reality using smartphones (while they keep the classic plastic view master reels as well).

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The original View-Master was introduced more than 75 years ago. Back in the early days of the system, tourist attraction and travel views predominated the list of available reels.

What the View Master reels are?

The reel is a thin cardboard disk containing seven stereoscopic 3-D pairs of small color photographs on film. This thing is inserted directly into the View-Master. Later on, most view master reels were produced for kids.

The new View-Master is an implementation of the Google Cardboard VR platform. It is accompanied by a mobile app that was built using its SDK. The content is displayed on a smartphone screen; the phone itself is inserted into the back of the View-Master. The reels are not placed directly into the unit but scanned using an augmented reality interface, which enables access to content from the reel such as 360-degree panoramas, 3D models and minigames. (source: Wikipedia)

The View-Master VR is made from sturdy plastic, holds your phone securely within, and works with all the same apps—plus. Even if it looks like a toy, the new View-Master aims for a different audience. It’s the kind of thing you might grab as a gift for the kids, but if you’re curious about VR on your phone, chances are you’ll use it as much as they do. (source:

View-Master VRThe View-Master should work with anything that was made on the Cardboard standard. It is possible to download and use the apps without the physical View Master reels. By default, the View-Master comes with a single reel of demo content, with three more sets (based around space, world travel, and wildlife) though.

The apps themselves are a combination of 360-degree photos, rendered models, and flat images projected into the environment. (source:

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